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Morphic Combos


A Morphic Combo is my name for a combination of a point, a line and a plane, so combined that,
while the point translates along the line and the plane rotates around that line,
that line rotates in that plane around that point.

Two, independent combos are somewhat fancifully illustrated, above left.
The “freedoms” of the co-operating elements are indicated by arrows.

Another two, independent combos are depicted on the right, interacting with a fixed plane, πa.
lp, turning in point Cp, is the line common to planes πp and πa.
lq, turning in point Cq, is the line common to planes πq and πa.
S is the point common to the three planes, πp, πq and πa.

It is noteworthy that the several incidences of the ensemble form linked tetrahedra.

The combos are styled, “Morphic”, because they can sculpt coherent forms
rather as a flat hand moulds clay.

“Coherent” forms are forms that, while in motion, remain in touch with themselves,
so that they can move as a unity.

However else they may move, coherent forms cannot move skew to themselves.

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