Some Articles

The articles on offer here are Windows Word documents.

Two related Articles on the Practical Aspects of Bud Work.

These articles provide practical considerations and tips, with reference to the requirements of theory.
(Recommended for Beginners!)
        Practical Bud Observation     (Practical_Bud_Observation.zip                 132K)
        Practical Bud Measurement   (PractBudObs_Measurement_Part1.zip       62K)

On the Heart

There is controversy about whether or not the heart is a pump, and there is evidence that the heart is an organ formed according to the Path transformations revealed by Projective Geometry, so the controversy is of direct interest on this site.  It is suggested that the heart may act like a Hydraulic Ram. There is confusion concerning what a Hydraulic Ram actually is in the literature on the controversy .  This article attempts to describe the Ram and its action accurately.

        The Hydraulic Ram     (The_Hydraulic_Ram.zip        16K)

Band Pass by Fourier Methods - Tuning and Filtration

Giving the mathematics of the tuning method applied to Lambda series.
        Band Pass by Fourier Methods.zip   (23K)