From the early 1960s I have lived and worked in Camphill, mostly at Aberdeen, Scotland, with disadvantaged folk. Camphillers work from Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy, so over time I heard much about his Spiritual Science, and things like 'etheric' and 'astral' bodies. My background was science, math and electronic design—and I was sceptical. I still am. Besides, I did not know how to do this Spiritual Science: it seemed to need adjustment to personal faculties, a somewhat insuperable obstacle.

Eventually I encountered Projective Geometry, and this, apart from being quite fascinating in its own right, was an obvious tool to begin looking (with my ordinary, unmodified faculties) into the 'Form' that this 'etheric' thing is supposed to handle, as a good start on the journey towards knowing what the etheric actually is.

This is not a new approach to science: in fact, it is an old one. For example, to a very good approximation, after a few experimental observations using bits of string, clocks, rulers and lumps of material, we may write f = ma Newtons. Now acceleration is pretty straightforward and accessible, but what the force and mass referred to in this little equation actually are is not revealed by the equation. Knowing the relationship between them is probably a good start to finding out. At any rate, this is how, and with what hope, I use Projective Geometry. It has the further advantage, much valued by Science and scientists, that anyone can use it, and expect the same results.

In the early 70s, I met and befriended Lawrence Edwards, learned of his Bud and Heart work, and joined him in it. I came to know others, like Nick Thomas and John Blackwood, with scientific questions similar to my own with regard to Steiner's indications. And they had all got somewhere with them, and actually did and do the science. Given my questions, clearly these were good people with whom to be in league! See also http://vortexoflife.org.uk/

The rest, as they say, is history.

Graham Calderwood            2006/2007