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A Bud is a Composite Thing
The Bud Workshop Program can fit path curves to buds in two times three ways.
It can fit them by either,
  • a bud's Diameters, or
  • a bud's Left Radii or
  • a bud's Right Radii,
and supply the λs and MRDs corresponding to all six ways.

The following three charts depict the Tuned , Projective λs, on - respectively - Diameters, Left Radii and Right Radii, measured at 7 heights on Romanian Walnut 1a, from 9th December 2006 to 13th February 2007. The first has been appearing on this site day-by-day for some time now, without special mention being made (until today, 13th Feb. 2007) that it was based on diameters. The other two are - for speed - simply screen-captures from the program, with Legends pasted in. All three charts were obtained by Fourier synthesis of the bud's three corresponding λ Spectra, modified by the same filter, tuned to the Moon/Saturn dominant corresponding to the grand period of observation.

Plainly they are all different, and this tells us that the profiles of the bud (as radii) behave differently from each other, and from both taken together (as diameters) as if they were one profile.

This one, on Diameters,  is varying (with growing amplitude) with the Moon/Saturn rhythm, and most, but not all λ dips are coming about  when the prediction-model says they should.

This one, on Left Radii, is also varying with the Moon/Saturn rhythm, but the λ dips are not coming when prediction says they should (though they do come by a nearly-constant interval later), and the amplitude seems to grow, peak, then reduce.

And this one, on Right Radii, shows altogether the "best" response of all to the Moon/Saturn rhythm, and has all the λ dips coming pretty well when they are "supposed" to come.

The behaviour showing on the Diameters chart is no doubt intermediate between the other two behaviours, a composite of both.  It is clear that the bud is not entirely a unity of form: the two profiles are different, and behave differently.  I believe that this reflects the fact that the bud has parts - it is an assembly of sepals and other components.   Here is evidence that they co-operate in subtle ways.
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