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Final Tuned Walnut Chart (to 13th February 2007) - with Predicted Shift

  This chart is the finally updated version of the one introducing the topic of tuning or filtering, pertaining to Romanian Walnut Bud 1a.

The red trace was obtained from the "raw" λ data - just as it was found, without smoothing or other modification.

The blue trace was obtained from "moving mean of 3" λ data.

The value of each data-point is taken to be the arithmetic mean of its own value and the values of its immediately flanking neighbours. This provides some smoothing, and brings some statistical support to the central value from neighbouring values. Such smoothing can be of help, as here, but must be used circumspectly.

The little red and blue flags marked, 't', meaning "tuned", signify the positions of local λ minima ("Dips", or "Troughs"). As before, the yellow, "stylised-five" icons, linked by lines across the chart, mark the epochs of Moon/Saturn alignment.

The gold trace at the bottom of the chart is a graph of the "cosine-squared alignment" of Saturn and the Moon. This is the planetary "signal" from which are obtained both the order of the spectral alignment dominant and the actual alignment epochs for the Grand Period of this series on the Walnut bud. (It will be noticed that the body-alignments occur precisely at the peaks of the gold curve.) I thought it might be of help for us to actually see what planetary rhythm it is we are working with, and with which we are comparing a bud's behaviour.

Predicted Phase Shift.

Bud Events (in Scotland) should be running, on the average, just over 9 days ahead of their alignments.

The predicted "leads" are shown on the tuned graph by blue verticals between Saturn icons with little blue caps.

Four Walnut dips of the five visible on the tuned graph above correspond fairly well to prediction.
These results are encouraging - but, of course, not conclusive.
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