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Original λ Data on 7 Diameters for Romanian Walnut 1a

The blue trace is the "moving mean of 3" λ data. The value of each data-point is taken to be the arithmetic mean of its own value and the values of its immediately flanking neighbours.  This provides some smoothing, and brings some statistical support to the central value from  neighbouring values.  Such smoothing can be of help, as here, but must be used circumspectly.

This is the raw λ data, just as it was found, in red. The cosine-squared alignment of the Moon and Saturn, and the Predicted Shift have also been indicated.

It is still hard to see what it going on here - the λ variation is so very small .  This is the main reason for resorting to Tuned Methods, which, as we have seen, tease out from all this a small but significant Saturn-Moon rhythm in the bud's shape.
There is just a suggestion that the Saturn-Moon rhythm is emerging from the "noise".

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